Vienna Classic Strings - International Violin, Viola and Cello Competition and Festival



First Place — Fang Luosha (China/Spain)

Second Place — James Dong (Australia/Austria)

Third Place — Aleksandr Tatarinov (Russia)

The best performance award of Alexey Shor goes to Fang Luosha


  1. Tal Maya (Israel/Poland)
  2. Tatarinov Aleksandr (Russia)
  3. Aritomi Momoko (Japan/Austria)
  4. Dong James (Australia/Austria)
  5. Fang Luosha (China/Spain)
  6. Lin Yixiu (China)

Participants who passed to the second round:

  1. Romanenko Pavel (Kazakhstan/Russia)
  2. Tal Maya (Israel/Poland)
  3. Tatarinov Aleksandr (Russia)
  4. Yoon Yuri (South Korea/Germany)
  5. Zhao Qiyun (China/Germany)
  6. Aritomi Momoko (Japan/Austria)
  7. Cao Yibo (China/Austria)
  8. Chich Bella (Russia/Spain)
  9. Cohen Matthew (USA)
  10. Dong James (Australia/Austria)
  11. Fang Luosha (China/Spain)
  12. Lin Yixiu (China)
  13. Lysenko Ganna (Ukraine)
  14. Murase Aoi (Japan/Austria)
  15. Orlova Viktoriia (Russia/Germany)