Vienna Classic Strings - International Violin, Viola and Cello Competition and Festival

Artistic Board

Greet you friends! 

As a member of the artistic board, I would like to warmly welcome you to the Classic Strings Festival and Violin, Viola and Cello Competition held in one of the biggest classical music cities, Vienna, Austria. We have been a strong believer in music being the universal language and a ‘bridge’ between seeming differences of contrasting age, belief, and culture, we hope that this festival and competition would be another step in uniting the world together.

Vienna is an extraordinary city for many music lovers and musicians. The city holds more than 15,000 concerts, pleading around 10,000 audiences each night with live classical music. It is where many world-famous composers, such as Mozart and Beethoven, held it in a special place in their heart and was inspired to write several innovative works.

We hope all the participants of the Classical Strings Festival Competitions to be inspired and great success.

Soon-Deog Kwon,
Member of the artistic board 


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I would like to welcome all music lovers to the Classic Strings Festival and the Strings Competition that is for violinists, violists, and cellists. Participants and audience will have a chance to enjoy great concerts at the Classic Strings International Festival in Vienna and Salzburg.

Austria, with its rich history and traditions in classical music, is the perfect environment to host a cultural event that will showcase established stars and can help to launch new talents of the classical music world.

In Vienna and Salzburg, there will be a chance to absorb the atmosphere and the environment where Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Bruckner, Schönberg and many other great composers lived and worked.

The new ideas and music making that participants will bring from all over the world will be a wonderful experience for the Austrian audience.

I wish all the competitors the very best of luck.

Igor Petrushevski,
member of the artistic board


Dear music lovers!

We are glad to welcome you to the "Classic Strings" International Music Festival and Violin, Viola and Cello Competition!
Classic Strings festival will take place in „Mozart Cities" in Vienna and Salzburg!

It will dip you into the history of music, discover new talents, who will impress you with their performing.

They will become future stars on the heaven of our classical music world!

The Spirit of Art and Music was always very powerful in the City of Music.

Many of the maestros of music art, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms lived and worked there and felt this special melting pot of different influences!

G.Mahler and R.Strauss felt this magnetic force and at the  same time brought their creativity to an extent to create and develop their key works in this town!

We hope that you will feel these magic vibrations and celebrate young artists of today with the same enthusiasm as we appreciate our great heroes and mentors of music history!

Christian Schulz,
member of the artistic board